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Travel Insurance for the Unexpected Medical Emergency

Planning a trip doesn’t usually include planning for things to go awry.  Most people envision picturesque views, adventurous excursions, and relaxing by the pool, but an unexpected medical situation is an example of how travel insurance helps during an emergency.…

Clock and Calendar

Not Just What to Buy, When to Buy Travel Insurance

Savvy travelers are always looking for the best value planning a trip, and this includes the travel insurance.  Of course, finding the right coverage for a good price is a priority, but your timeliness purchasing a policy will have a…

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Frontier Passengers’ 18 Hour Delay

A common concern for travelers is the possibility of an extended flight delay.  In addition to missing reservations for early portions of the trip, spending over 12 hours in an airport can compound travelers’ frustrations.  This is what many Frontier…

Common Myths About Buying Travel Insurance

Most people buy their travel insurance from a travel supplier, their cruise company, or their travel agent. They don’t realize they could buy better coverage for less money by purchasing the insurance themselves on the internet. Here are some of the most common myths regarding buying travel insurance. Offers Exclusive Policies from Arch Insurance

We are proud to announce that A+ rated New York-based Arch Insurance Company has joined our team of nationally known travel insurance underwriters. Currently, Arch offers three policies through, all exclusive to the site and delivering such benefits as substantial cost savings and coverage features like non-medical emergency evacuation coverage, and cancellation for a terrorist incident that happens in a city on your itinerary within 90 days of departure.

When to Buy Travel Insurance

When you buy travel insurance coverage is another important consideration to keep in mind, just like what coverage you choose. Of course, you can buy travel insurance right up to the day before departure.  Once you make your first arrangements…

Buying Travel Insurance For Travel To Restricted Nations

Buying travel insurance for a trip to a restricted nation can be difficult. Certain countries are subject to sanctions by the U.S. Government thru the Office of Foreign Assets control. These sanctions make it difficult for an insurance company to insure travelers visiting such countries and in some cases not even possible.

Travel Insurance for a Ski Trip—A Very Smart Idea!

I’m often asked if travel insurance makes sense for a ski trip, even a trip within the U.S. And, I strongly support the idea. Here are some key reasons why as well as tips on what to consider when you buy.

Travel Insurance Coverage You Might Not Know About

When they read travel insurance policies closely, smart shoppers find that—in addition to the coverage they are looking for—they are also covered for some very unexpected things. Here are some examples.

When Does Travel Insurance Go into Effect?

This is a very sensible question, of course. But, it’s probably best to break it into 2 more specific questions: “When does my trip cancellation coverage go into effect?” and “When are the other coverage features of the policy in effect?”

Primary or Excess Medical Coverage?

Many people we talk to haven’t fully thought through which type of travel insurance medical coverage to choose: “primary” or “excess.” First, what do these terms mean here? And second, which makes the most sense for you and the trip you are taking?

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