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When Should I Buy Travel Insurance?

One facet of travel insurance many people don’t consider is the huge benefit of buying a policy within 14 days of making your major trip purchases. When you do this, you are eligible for both a pre-existing condition waiver and cancel-for-any-reason coverage.

Is There a Best Place to Buy Travel Insurance?

Where you purchase your insurance can have a huge impact on the quality of coverage you get and the amount you pay for it. And, as with many other important buying decisions, it makes absolute sense to take a few minutes to comparison shop.

First in Service as Well as Savings

In addition to a major savings on travel insurance, offers a range of valuable services from 24/7 phone services to online claim filing.

Safety Tips When Renting a Car

When you are traveling, a lot of your risk isn’t just getting to and from your destination. If you rent a car when you arrive, then you have the added risk of an automobile accident. According to the National Highway…

Give the Gift of Security – Insure Those Electronic Toys

This holiday season, consumers are expected to spend an average of $252 per person on electronic devices as gifts according to the Consumer Electronics Association. The hot consumer electronics categories this year are all portable – mobile phones and iPhones,…

Insuring your Student for a Semester Abroad

The spring college semester is only a few months away and many college students are finalizing plans to study abroad. Smart parents also are making plans to protect their traveling student while he or she is out of the country.…

Cruise Radio: Insuring Portable Electronics

There are so many reasons to get travel insurance for your portable electronics. Did you know: Your iPhone is worth more to thieves than what you carry in your wallet. You can insure a cell phone if you drop it…

“Hurricane Sandy Cancelled My Trip”

The recent news surrounding Hurricane Sandy, the Frankenstorm, has everyone one edge, especially travelers. Transportation services in New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Boston have been closed by the storm, leaving thousands of unprepared travelers stranded. The lucky ones will…

Broken iPhone or Stolen Laptop? We’ve Got You Covered! is very pleased to announce that we now offer something that is unique to the travel insurance industry: coverage for stolen, or broken portable electronics. We know that travelers are taking their laptops, smartphones, and iPads everywhere, so travelers…

Giving Back through Tourism Cares

Not all aspects of the travel industry are glamorous. Those vacation destinations that you long to see take a lot of care and maintenance, and many of the public and historic sites that make a destination so special don’t always…

No Insurance Rewards for High Risk Travel

Not all travel risks are created equal in the eyes of insurance underwriters. There are a number of high-risk activities that will not be covered by most travel insurance policies, and those activities are usually cataloged in the terms of…

Hurricane Cruising – Are You Covered?

It’s amazing how many people choose to take a cruise during hurricane season. If you are willing to take a gamble on your vacation and risk getting caught in port, or having your cruise cancelled because of the weather, then…

Running Late

Travel Insurance Can’t Cover Carelessness

I saw an article last weekend by noted travel columnist Ed Perkins where he tells the story of an Arkansas couple who lost the cost of their $8,000 Alaskan cruise because they missed their initial flight to the cruise. He…

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