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Additional Reasons Covered By Better and Best Policies

Generally, the more coverage the better the plan. All plans that include a trip cancellation benefit provide coverage for sickness, injury or death, but may or may not cover a Pre-Existing medical condition.  “Better” and “Best” policies may cover many of the following additional reasons:

Travel Insurance Benefits

Travel insurance is designed to cover both you and the cost of your travel arrangements against a variety of unforeseeable reasons that may affect you or your travel plans.  Following is a more detailed description of each of the travel insurance benefits and its importance.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Most travel insurance policies exclude losses resulting from “Pre-Existing Conditions”. While the policy language may vary from company to company, generally, policies exclude any condition treated or recommended to be treated in a 60 to 180 day period prior to the purchase of the policy.

Travel Insurance Basics

Travel insurance benefits are conditioned upon key concepts, terms and provisions which define not only what is covered, but items that may not be covered or are limited by definition.  Understanding what these provisions are and how they work is key to understanding what you are buying.

Grimsvotn Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

Like last year, a volcanic eruption in Iceland is causing flight delays and cancellations. The current eruptions began on May 21, 2011. How does travel insurance respond to this situation?

Travel Insurance Coverage for Your Baggage and Belongings

Baggage and Baggage Delay – What happens if your bags are damaged or lost or delayed? The baggage benefit provides coverage on your baggage and personal. If your bags are delayed (generally for 12 hours or more) for a covered reason,…

Travel Insurance Coverage For You

Medical Expense/Emergency Assistance – This benefit reimburses you for medical treatment during your trip if you become sick or are injured while traveling.  Additionally, air transport expenses (such as upgraded air arrangements, air ambulance, including doctor or nurse escort expenses)…

Travel Insurance Coverage For Your Travel Arrangements

Pre-Departure Trip Cancellation – What if you are unable to take your planned trip? Are some of your payments non-refundable?  This benefit covers the non-refundable trip costs when you must cancel your travel plans before departure. Post-Departure Trip Interruption –…

Why Buy Travel Insurance?

More and more, travelers are realizing that buying travel insurance can be a wise financial decision when planning a trip, especially when traveling internationally. Purchasing travel insurance protects your vacation investment, your belongings and most importantly, you from unforeseen events…

How To Determine If a Travel Insurance Company Is Reputable

One of the most important factors in choosing a travel insurance provider is its reputation and financial stability.  To learn more about a travel insurer: Review your travel insurer’s financial ratings – there are several organizations which rate the financial…

Launched the new today

Welcome to the new   There have been many interesting challenges to build what we hope will be the easiest site for buying travel insurance: Developing a way to group products into coverage classes of Good, Better, and Best…

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