Giving Back through Tourism Cares

Not all aspects of the travel industry are glamorous. Those vacation destinations that you long to see take a lot of care and maintenance, and many of the public and historic sites that make a destination so special don’t always have the resources for upkeep. That’s why likes to give back to the tourist industry whenever we can.

Two weeks ago my wife and I spent a wonderful day in Old Sacramento, California, helping restore this historic site as volunteers for Tourism Cares. We joined more than 300 volunteers for the day who helped restore this California tourist attraction and an important testament to California’s history. Old Sacramento was the western terminus for the Transcontinental Railroad, an important port city, and the starting point for the California Gold Rush. And today’s it’s a great tourist destination with lots of interesting history site, shopping, dining, and much more.

And we found that Tourism Cares offers a great way to give back to the tourist industry.  Tourism Cares is non-profit agency supported by the travel industry with a commitment to preserving the travel experience, including travel destina

tions, for future generations. They organize restoration projects, like the one in Old Sacramento, across the country, as well as a

warding grants to cultural and historic sites, and providing scholarships for students in Canada and the United States studying for a ca

reer in the travel or hospitality industry.

During our day in Old Sacramento, we spent eight hours cutting lumber and building trash can enclosures and redwood tree planters. When they were finished, the planters weighed over 250 pounds, but the work was well worth it, and visitors to Old Sacramento will benefit for some time to come.
If you have some free time and are looking for a different kind of tourist experience, why not consider volunteering for Tourism Cares?

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