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8 Essential COVID-19 Travel Tips for Your Next Vacation

With many months of isolating, quarantining, and spending time cooped up at home, Americans are experiencing travel fever more than ever before. The COVID-19/ Coronavirus pandemic has really put a damper on 2020 travel plans which has led to great…

How to book travel in the age of COVID

How to Book Travel in The Age of COVID-19

The COVID-19/Coronavirus Pandemic has been hard on the travel industry around the world, but it has also created an enormous pent-up demand for travel among Americans. This is not that surprising.  Spending over two months cooped up at home with…

When is it safe to travel again?

When Is It Safe to Travel Again?

Maybe you had to cancel your trip. Maybe you feel like you need a vacation now, or at least plan a getaway that you can look forward to. But when will it be safe to travel again? And what does…

How to recover your vacation investment

How to Recover Your Vacation Investment

We have what could be defined as a perfect storm for the travel industry. Fifteen percent of the US is on unemployment. The bulk of the country is on restricted travel.  International destinations are closed due to government-imposed travel restrictions. …

Cancel ffor any reason insurance guide

The Expert’s Guide to Cancel for Any Reason Travel Insurance

There is extremely limited coverage for pandemics such as Coronavirus/COVID-19 in travel insurance policies that don’t include cancel for any reason.  As a result, we are highly recommending that travelers invest the extra money for better coverage. The limitations of…

Cheap Travel Roundup

The Best Cheap Travel Deals Available Now

The US travel industry has been hit hard and fast by the COVID-19 outbreak. The travel industry has seen an 85% drop in travel spending ($18.6 billion) since the beginning of lockdown measures, compared to the previous year (USTravel).  Through…

Travel Risk Statistics

The Ultimate Roundup of Travel Risk Statistics

If you’re planning a trip, you’re probably wondering whether trip or travel insurance is really worth it.  Venturing out on a trip is fun and exciting, but doing something new and maybe venturing out of your comfort zone also comes…

How contagious and deadly is the CoronaVirus? Can you get travel insurance coverage for coronavirus?

Travel Insurance Coverage for CoronaVirus

A lot of people are concerned about traveling due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in China.  There are things you can do to help protect your travel investment. The conditions are changing dynamically, so travel availability is in constant…

What Critical Coverage Features You Should Look For in A Cruise Travel Insurance Plan

We get a lot of support questions about selecting the right travel insurance plan for a cruise. Channel 9 television in Cincinnati ran a story about a couple that lost a $2000 cruise due to flight delays getting to their ship even though they had travel insurance. They purchased an economical plan without looking at the provisions or having anyone explain the risks that the plan would not cover. One of the exposed risks was travel delay of a common carrier.

Holiday Travel

Tips to Ease Holiday Travel

Most of you have already made your travel plans for the holidays. This year promises to be one of the busiest travel seasons in the last six years according to a report from AAA: Planes will also be fuller than…

staying healthy on a plane

Staying Healthy on a Plane

How many times have you gotten on a plane, settled into you seat only to see the person next to you coughing, sneezing and generally infecting the entire plane? Fall doesn’t just bring falling leaves,  – it brings flu and cold season. Do what you can to protect yourself when traveling.

What Are Your 2018 Travel Resolutions

Two years ago we suggested some travel resolutions for the new year. They made a lot of sense and should have been easy to keep. Did you make a travel wish list and save money to take the trip? Did…

How To Make A Travel Insurance Claim

You’re all packed and ready to go on your trip, and then someone gets sick and you can’t go. Or, you’re on your trip and someone gets sick and has to go to the doctor. Or. . . you miss…

Running Late

Best Holiday Travel Tips

If you’re getting ready to travel for the holidays, you probably are somewhat stressed, whether it’s the idea of spending time with the entire family or the dread of having to fly during one of the busiest times of the year, we have a few suggestions to make your travel more manageable.

New TSA Baggage Scanning Requirements

With everything that has happened this summer, you may have missed an announcement that might affect you if you are planning to fly somewhere later this year. In June, the TSA announced that it is tightening screening requirements at all…

Do You Really Need To Spend Money On Travel Insurance?

When you’re taking a trip, you want to make sure you spend your money wisely – on things that are important to you. That may be splurging for first-class, a room upgrade, a gourmet dinner or something else that you…

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