The Best Cheap Travel Deals Available Now

The US travel industry has been hit hard and fast by the COVID-19 outbreak. The travel industry has seen an 85% drop in travel spending ($18.6 billion) since the beginning of lockdown measures, compared to the previous year (USTravel). 

Through March and April, US citizens have been told to stay at home and not make any non-essential trips – either in the US or internationally. The sharp decrease in travel demand has left airlines, cruise operators, hotels, and other travel providers scrambling to adjust to a new reality. Across the board, that means an unprecedented number of cheap travel deals up for grabs. 

Having been stuck at home for a large portion of the year so far, many of us are starting to look forward to our next vacation! There’s great news for all of you out there suffering from travel withdrawal – now is the perfect time to score an amazing deal on your next trip. 

Why Can I Get a Great Deal On a Trip Now? 

Incredible discounts and trips for bargain prices. That’s the reality of the travel industry right now, but what has led travel companies to offer such low prices for traveling? 

The travel bans and uncertainty around traveling during the COVID-19 outbreak means that travelers have been canceling their travel plans and have put their vacation plans on hold. 

Faced with empty airplanes, cruise ships, and hotel rooms, travel companies have been forced to slash their prices. The main driver behind these unprecedented low prices is to increase occupancy. As an example, on cruise ships, there’s always been a focus on filling rooms because customers onboard the ship spend money: in bars and restaurants and on entertainment and other services. As travel providers adjust to the uncertainty around traveling, they are focused on attracting as many customers as possible to stay afloat. Not only are prices lower, but many trip providers are also offering booking flexibility that’s never existed before such as penalty-free cancelations and rebookings to ease the concerns of travelers. Now, you’re able to score a travel deal of a lifetime!

As smart buyers know, when the market is weak, it’s the best time to buy. No one knows how long the cheap travel deals will be available, but some estimates project low prices into the winter of 2021. However, prices will eventually return to normal when business picks up again. Also, in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, prices might actually rise eventually due to a changing landscape in the travel industry. There will likely be fewer trips available for sale, as not every travel company will make it through the crisis and other companies adjust their availability to sluggish demand.

If you’re looking to escape the monotony of quarantine and want to start planning a celebratory trip for when travel restrictions are lifted, you’re not alone! 25% of Americans are making plans to go on a vacation once things return to normal. It’s a great time to start planning a trip later in the year or early next year. Don’t wait to snag up these fabulous deals – you deserve to get out on a vacation after spending so much time at home!

The D hotel in Los Vegas was giving away one way tickets to Las Vegas, and still has 30% discounts on rooms. You can also get the same rates or better at any hotel on the strip.

Cyprus – the Mediterranean island is giving away free lodging, food, drink, and medical treatment if you catch Covid-19 during a vacation on their island. We are not sure that is much of an incentive.

Japan will cover travel expenses for tourists while visiting in the form of discounts and vouchers that can be used a local restaurants and shops. Bookings will need to be made through Japanese travel agencies.

Sicily, Italy will be accepting visitors this fall and are issuing vouchers that will cover half the cost of flights and every third night of hotel.

Most Affordable Vacation Packages Available for Booking

Most Affordable Cruise Packages Available for Booking

  • 3-night Bahamas cruise in October or November 2020 for $109 per person – down from $1,039!
  • 7-day cruise to the Western Mediterranean in December 2020 for $1,079 per person – down from $4,959!
  • 10-day cruise to Hawaii in September 2020 for $683 per person.
  • 4-night cruise to the Mexican Riviera in January 2021 for $159 per person
  • 7-night Asia cruise for $391 per person
  • Princess cruise line is having a 40% off summer sale until the end of April. 
  • For select cruises in 2020-2021, Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours is offering discounts, including free business class flight upgrades for trips booked before April 30. 
  • Royal Caribbean offers a 2-for-1 discount until the end of April 2020 for cruises departing after May 27, 2020.

Plan Your Next Trip Now and Save!

At this time, there is still a Global Level 4 Health Advisory in place, and government authorities advise against all international travel and all non-essential domestic travel. Until these advisories are lifted, you should not go on a trip. 

However, with the many flexible booking options available, you can still start looking ahead and start planning your next trip. It’s hard to say how long travel advisories will be in place, but US destinations such as Disney World could start becoming available as early as the summer. For international trips, it’s a safer bet to make plans for the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021. 

After the disappointment many of us experienced having to cancel or postpone the vacation plans, these amazing deals come as a welcome surprise. We bet many of you are thinking of putting that travel credit you got when canceling your trip towards a smoking deal right about now. To learn how to do it safely, read our article with tips on how to take advantage of the many cheap travel deals right now.

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