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When is it safe to travel again?

When Is It Safe to Travel Again?

Maybe you had to cancel your trip. Maybe you feel like you need a vacation now, or at least plan a getaway that you can look forward to. But when will it be safe to travel again? And what does…

How to recover your vacation investment

How to Recover Your Vacation Investment

We have what could be defined as a perfect storm for the travel industry. Fifteen percent of the US is on unemployment. The bulk of the country is on restricted travel.  International destinations are closed due to government-imposed travel restrictions. …

Cancel ffor any reason insurance guide

The Expert’s Guide to Cancel for Any Reason Travel Insurance

There is extremely limited coverage for pandemics such as Coronavirus/COVID-19 in travel insurance policies that don’t include cancel for any reason.  As a result, we are highly recommending that travelers invest the extra money for better coverage. The limitations of…

Cheap Travel Roundup

The Best Cheap Travel Deals Available Now

The US travel industry has been hit hard and fast by the COVID-19 outbreak. The travel industry has seen an 85% drop in travel spending ($18.6 billion) since the beginning of lockdown measures, compared to the previous year (USTravel).  Through…

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