Give the Gift of Security – Insure Those Electronic Toys

This holiday season, consumers are expected to spend an average of $252 per person on electronic devices as gifts according to the Consumer Electronics Association. The hot consumer electronics categories this year are all portable – mobile phones and iPhones, e-readers, video games, and tablet computers and iPads. These are the most popular portable electronics this Christmas. And these electronic toys can be hard to protect because they are portable.ipad-gift

Many major manufacturers, retailers, and services providers offer protection plans for these products. For example, the AppleCare service offers a two-year warranty on iPhones and iPads, although there are still issues and damage that Apple won’t cover. And most retailers offer extended warranty plans against certain kinds of breakage or malfunction. However, no warranty plan will cover the theft of a device. Some homeowners and renters insurance plans do cover loss and theft, but only in a few circumstances.

When you give that new iPad or smartphone to your spouse, son, or daughter, be sure you to give them added protection as well. Through our exclusive partnership with Worth Ave Group we offer extensive insurance coverage for portable electronics, including coverage against breakage, damage from drops and spills, liquid immersion, and theft, and there is no limit to the number of claims you can make on the same device.

We added this policy to our offering because we know that much of the value of insurance is in providing peace of mind. Most travel insurance policies won’t cover portable electronics; the chances of breakage or loss are just too great. However, we are able to offer this policy for very reasonable rates – most plans are less than $100 a year – and the plans cover your electronics at home, at the office, on vacation, or wherever you go.

So if you have a new iPad, smartphone, or laptop on your Christmas gift list, you can make that gift even more special with added insurance to protect your thoughtfulness. It’s the gift of peace of mind.

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