Frontier Passengers’ 18 Hour Delay

A common concern for travelers is the possibility of an extended flight delay.  In addition to missing reservations for early portions of the trip, spending over 12 hours in an airport can compound travelers’ frustrations.  This is what many Frontier Airlines passengers experienced on Sunday, and is a good example of how travel insurance can help.

An 18 hour flight delay had passengers stranded in St. Louis, as Patrick Clarke wrote for Travel Pulse.

Man on his phone waiting at the airport.“The plane was delayed several times, and by the time it was ready 12 hours later, the flight crew had timed out and a new one needed to be flown in.”

Most travel insurance plans include Travel Delay coverage to reimburse travelers for food, lodging, and local transportation during a flight delay like this.  It is helpful to compare different plans, as they vary in the amount of time required for a delay and the dollar amount of coverage.

When a flight delay is more extensive, Trip Interruption coverage may also apply.  This reimburses the traveler for expenses that weren’t used due to the late departure.  Depending on the plan, a covered delay can include mechanical failure, bad weather, or airline strikes.  Again, look closely when choosing a policy, since this can require a delay of 12 or 24 hours.

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