Travel Insurance Coverage in Case of a Terrorist Incident

When a terrorist incident occurs somewhere in the world, it immediately gets the full attention of the rest of the world. Through the various media, people hear bone-chilling accounts of the terrorist acts, heart-wrenching stories the victims, and, occasionally, uplifting tales of heroism. Such reports can be riveting, but they can also be extremely alarming to people either traveling in, or planning to travel to or near, the area where the incidents are taking place.

Here are 4 questions I often receive on this subject and responses, which, I hope, will be helpful.

Can travel insurance cover me in case of a terrorist incident?

The short answer is: Yes. If you are going to a destination where terrorist incidents have occurred in the past, or where you feel there’s any chance one may occur, one way you can ease your concern is by purchasing a travel insurance policy includes coverage for a terrorist incident. In particular, you will want a policy that offers trip interruption coverage and/or trip cancellation coverage in the event such an incident occurs within a specific amount of time (often 30 days) before your departure. This means, for example, that, if a terrorist incident occurs, say, in a city within 30 days before your scheduled departure to that city, you can get your non-refundable trip costs back.

Which companies and policies provide this coverage?

At, most of the policies we offer provide coverage in the event of a terrorist incident. Among our “Good” policies, American Modern, BCS, and Old Republic all provide this coverage. Among our “Better” and “Best” policies, American Modern, BCS, Nationwide, Old Republic, and U.S. Fire all provide it. The details do vary among policies. So, I always encourage people to take a few moments to review the policy in detail and understand exactly what you are and are not covered for. To see the various options, we encourage you to compare travel insurance plans.

What other things should I consider?

It’s important to emphasize, too, that the intense and dramatic news coverage terrorist incidents typically receive can often make a destination seem much more dangerous than it actually is. So, if you’ve planned that trip to, say, Israel and you hear about an incident, it’s best not to overreact. Find out more about what’s going on, where it’s safe and unsafe, and what various authorities such as the U.S. State Department are advising. You might also consider signing up (free of charge) for e-Travel Alerts, an extremely helpful resource that delivers online updates several times each day about any issues (airport strikes, acts of nature such as hurricanes or earthquakes, etc. as well as terrorist incidents) that might affect your travel plans.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any additional questions about travel insurance coverage in case of a terrorist incident or a related subject, don’t hesitate to contact one of our licensed professionals at 1-877-219-8169 or email us at You’re under no obligation to buy travel insurance from us. In fact, we’re just happy to help people better understand their various insurance options so they can travel more confidently and with greater peace of mind.

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