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Editorials from our staff traveling through the world. We share our best travel tips, and how to get a better value out of your travel insurance.

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Ultimate Travel Guide to Strange Cultures

Part of what makes the human race such a fascinating species is our amazing diversity. In fact, each of us sees the world in different ways and, of course, in terms of our own cultural traditions. What might seem strange…

Tips for Better Bargaining When Overseas

When traveling to Southern Europe, the Middle East, or one of the many other places where bargaining is the norm and haggling is considered a high art, here are some tips to sharpen your skills.

Finding the Best Coach Seats for Air Travel

If seating comfort is important to you — especially at a time when coach seats on many flights are shrinking in size — check out several independent online sites created to address issues related to airline seat quality.

Travel Insurance Coverage You Might Not Know About

When they read travel insurance policies closely, smart shoppers find that—in addition to the coverage they are looking for—they are also covered for some very unexpected things. Here are some examples.

10 Trips to Take in Your 50s

The 50s can be a prime time for adventurous travel. And here are 10 fascinating destinations we’d like to submit for your consideration.

Choosing a Tour Company

If you’re considering a tour, what are some things to think about when choosing a tour company? Here are 6 tips the experts have shared with us.

Cut Airline Costs: 5 Novel Ideas

The cost of flying is going up, it sometimes seems, as quickly as an airliner at takeoff. If you’d like to trim some of these extra costs a bit, here are some novel strategies several travel experts recommend.

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Tips to Minimize Jet Lag

While jet lag is unavoidable, there are several things you can do to minimize its negative effects. Here are a few ideas of things to do before you fly, during your flight, and after you arrive at your destination.

10 Amazing Travel Adventures

What’s worth traveling to another part of the world just to see and experience? Recently, Buzzfeed compiled a list of 10 adventures amazing enough to warrant serious consideration.

Pack Smart for Your Cruise—6 Tips

Packing smart for your cruise can help a lot in minimizing travel snags and other frustrations. Here are 6 tips veteran cruisers have shared with us.

Personal Benefits of Travel

Surveys show that spending money on travel generally tends to make people happier than spending money on material goods. That’s just one of several major personal benefits travel offers.

5 Tips for House Swapping/Home Exchange

“House swapping” or “home exchange” has steadily become very popular practice among travelers. If the idea intrigues you, here are 5 tips that can help you out.

Safeguarding Your Bankcard While Traveling

A lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised bankcard can be one of a traveler’s worst nightmares. Here are some tips to help you reduce the chances of any of these things happening during your trip.

10 Trips to Take in Your 40s

For most people, the 40s can be both a very challenging and satisfying time. Many are entering their peak earning years at work and raising teen-agers simultaneously. Many also have the financial resources to take the kinds of trips they…

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