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Zambia’s Wild East

Located next to the South Luangwa National Park in the Luangwa Valley in eastern Zambia, Zikomo Safari Camp offers visitors the chance to see one of Africa’s last truly wild places.

Lake Clark with the village of Port Alsworth on the right

The Splendid Solitude of Alaska’s “Alps”

Only 90 Air-Minutes from Anchorage, Lake Clark Could Be America’s Most Under-Appreciated National Park

As a frequent visitor to America’s national parks, I learned long ago to accept crowds and congestion as part of the price of admission. I’ll grumble when I find myself eating the dust of a dozen noisy hikers just ahead of me on a trail. But I have to concede that it’s their place to enjoy too. When it comes to the parks, I’ve learned, finding true solitude in the midst of great natural beauty without spending days of precious travel time to get there can be a serious challenge.

Best Time to Ski the Alps Before they Are Gone

Who would have believed that a mountain range could actually be endangered? However, according to researchers, the Alps as we know them will be gone in less than 40 years due to global warming.  The Alps ranked number 6 in…

No Insurance Rewards for High Risk Travel

Not all travel risks are created equal in the eyes of insurance underwriters. There are a number of high-risk activities that will not be covered by most travel insurance policies, and those activities are usually cataloged in the terms of…

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