You Need Travel Insurance for Your Next Ski Trip


skiingYou’re planning a ski trip. You’ve bought equipment and made deposits for travel and accommodations. You may even have prepaid your lift tickets. You’ve got everything covered, right? Wrong. Things can go wrong both before and during your vacation. Travel insurance allows you to focus on the fun, not on the what ifs.

Your health insurance may not cover you. If you are skiing in Europe or even Canada, your health insurance policy may not cover you. Even if it does, you may have to pay for care at the time of service. Travel insurance covers you, and 24/7 support will not only help you find the care you need, but will also provide assistance with translation and medical consultation if you need it.

Medical evacuation can cost over $100,000. If you are injured and need to be transported back to the your home for adequate treatment, the cost can be astronomical. The relatively low cost of travel insurance with adequate medical evacuation coverage will keep a major injury from becoming a major financial hardship.  Your domestic medical insurance often doesn’t cover medical evacuation.

People get sick. It’s winter and people get the flu. If you have to cancel your ski trip because someone is too sick to travel, or a family member is sick and the doctor requires you to care for him, you can lose all of your deposits. Trip insurance protects that investment. Covered expenses such as hotel deposits, nonrefundable tickets, lift tickets will be reimbursed to the policy limits.

You need to be in top shape to enjoy your ski vacation.  If you sprain an ankle, or slip and fall on the ice, or throw your back out and can’t ski, your vacation if ruined.  If you doctor advises you to cancel your trip after an injury, your travel insurance will cover the cancellation costs.

Weather doesn’t always cooperate with your ski plans. If it doesn’t snow much, or it’s warm and the snow melts, you may not want to take a ski trip. Travel insurance with cancel for any reason coverage let’s you decide if you want to take that ski trip to Tahoe if the snow pack is only 4 feet. This type of policy is time sensitive, you must purchase it within 14 days of your initial trip deposit.

Weather can affect your travel plans. The same snow you want to ski on can wreak havoc with your travel. Weather delays and flight cancelations can cause you to miss part or even all of you ski trip. Travel insurance will offset the costs of increased travel costs for delays and interruptions for covered reasons.

Your handheld electronics can be ruined. If you take a fall while you’re skiing, you can damage your cell phone or your gopro. While most travel insurance may not cover your loss, you can buy policies that will.

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