Travel Insurance Claims: Our 1-Stop Service

shutterstock_145842713When he was President, Harry Truman often displayed what may be the most famous desk sign in American history. It was 2 ½ inches high and 13 inches long. It was mounted on walnut, and its message was painted in bold letters on glass. It read, “The Buck Stops Here.”

If there was anything that the feisty, no-nonsense Truman hated it was the common Washington D.C. practice of “passing the buck.” People should be accountable, he figured. And, if any one person needed to be accountable, it had better be the President.

At, we feel just as strongly about the issue of accountability. When people purchase travel insurance from us, we take responsibility for all facets of the relationship. Among these, one of the most critical is the travel insurance claims process.

Today, all the other travel insurance comparison sites routinely give their customers the insurance company’s phone number and website address to file their claims. This means that, instead of staying involved with customers when these customers may need them the most, they simply pass them along to new phone numbers, websites, and people—they simply “pass the buck.”

For customers—especially people who have encountered a problem, who clearly want the claim process to go smoothly, and who are naturally anxious—this can be doubly disconcerting. And many ask: why aren’t the people who actually sold the insurance involved anymore?

Simply put, we don’t like this approach either. So, when we launched in 2010, we decided to do something our competitors don’t do—offer a 1-stop claims processing service. That’s right—if you purchase insurance from us and then make a claim, you simply come back to a familiar place—our site, click the “Claims” button on our “Home” page, and begin the process. If you prefer the phone, just call the number you used when you purchased your insurance from us.

A major customer benefit of keeping our claims filing service in-house is that very comforting word “accountability.” If you file a claim and have a problem, just contact us. We can check the status quickly and easily, and we’ll follow up with you ASAP. In fact, customers’ questions are routinely forwarded to the highest levels of our company. And no matter what the question is, a qualified representative will always follow up. There’s no extra cost involved for this extra level of service; this is just the way we prefer to do business. If you’re going to buy from us, we want to make sure that we don’t let you down at the most important part of the process—the claim.

Harry Truman was also from Missouri, affectionately known as the “show me” state. This also happens to be where our customer service center is located, in Kansas City, Missouri. And, if you have a little of Missouri “show me” in you and would like to see how our in-house claims process works for yourself, just visit our Claims page. Here, you’ll see for yourself just how you can both file a claim and review your claim’s status quickly and easily.

If you would like to learn more about our claims process or any other facet of travel insurance, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-219-8169 or email us at You’re under no obligation to buy from us, and we’ll be delighted to help even if you’ve already purchased your travel insurance from someone else.


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