Purchasing Travel Insurance: 1 Couple’s Story

Dickinson Beach in Antigua (Wikimedia Commons)
Dickinson Beach in Antigua (Wikimedia Commons)

“Purchasing travel insurance ended up being the best thing we did for ourselves!” a young woman from Texas recently wrote us.

She and her (now) husband had spent months planning for a dream honeymoon to Antigua, the Caribbean island named long ago by Christopher Columbus that’s today best known for its magnificent beaches and (as a former British possession) its obsession with the game of cricket. They were excited about the chance to relax on the beaches after their wedding, and they were especially curious about exploring some of the fascinating island towns they had read about. The last thing they were expecting was a mishap of some kind.

Just to hedge their bets, however, they bought travel insurance. And, after checking out several options they settled on TripInsurance.com. “It wasn’t difficult,” the young woman noted. “TripInsurance.com provided the best coverage for the lowest price. We were confident that we’d made a good decision. And just having insurance gave us extra confidence as travelers. If something went wrong, we would be prepared.”

So, why did purchasing travel insurance turn out to the “best thing” the young couple did?

Well, on the first night of the honeymoon, the young man experienced extreme chest pains. “It was a scary experience,” the woman reported. “But it gave me peace of mind knowing that we could pick up the phone and speak to trusted health care professionals (via On Call International, TripInsurance.com’s service provider) and get medical attention, if necessary. They provided helpful information including possible causes, gave us hospital locations, and even offered transportation to the hospital if we needed it.”

The couple soon learned that the pains weren’t heart related and would soon pass. “But it was very comforting to know that there were great people looking out for him,” the woman added. “They even called the next day to make sure he was feeling okay.”

Now, the couple doesn’t just plan on getting travel insurance for many kinds of trips, but both husband and wife also recommend it. “My husband is in good shape and had no previous health problems,” the woman said. “But there we were. You never know when you might need travel insurance.”

 If you are shopping around for travel insurance or even if you’re just wondering if it makes sense for your next trip, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-219-8169 or email us at support@tripinsurance.com. You’re under no obligation to buy from us, and we’ll be delighted to help even if you’ve already purchased your travel insurance from someone else. Our goal is to help people such as this couple buy the insurance that’s right for them and then to travel with confidence.


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