If You’re on Medicare – You Need Travel Insurance

If you’re over 65 and traveling, there’s a good reason to buy travel insurance, possibly even if you are traveling within the US.

Not all Medicare Advantage policies will cover you if you travel out of state. NO Medicare policy will cover you if you travel abroad.

Having a Medigap policy may provide some coverage. C, D, F, G, M and N Medigap policies provide some coverage for emergency medical services if you are traveling abroad. However, these policies require you to pay a deductible and 20% of medical costs. If you are traveling, check your insurance coverage before you start your trip.

Travel insurance can give you piece of mind and save you money. You don’t have deductibles or a 20% copay. Here’s an example of your savings. You’re on a cruise and a closet door slams and crushes your finger. You see the doctor on the ship. You get x-rays and have your hand tapes. You may get medication to manage the pain. The bill is $4000. Your share of that bill would be $800. If something major happens, and you have to be flown back to the US for treatment, the cost could be well over $1000 if you are traveling abroad.

All travel insurance plans do not have deductibles.   They do have a maximum limit to their coverage.  Some only cover you when you are traveling, and others may cover you after you return home for a medical problem that occurred during the trip.   Look for policies that feature primary coverage that do not require you to prove what your primary insurance company will or will not pay.

Hopefully, you’ll take a trip and have a wonderful time with no problems. But, you may need to cancel due to illness or illness of your traveling companion. You may need medical assistance if you are injured or become ill during your trip. Give yourself piece of mind, and purchase travel insurance.

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