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Editorials from our staff traveling through the world. We share our best travel tips, and how to get a better value out of your travel insurance.

Travel Insurance Isn’t Just for International Travel

You might think that you don’t need trip insurance if you’re vacationing in the United States. Think again. Just because you’re not traveling beyond our borders doesn’t mean something could stop you from being able to travel. You can have…

If You’re on Medicare – You Need Travel Insurance

If you’re over 65 and traveling, there’s a good reason to buy travel insurance, possibly even if you are traveling within the US. Not all Medicare Advantage policies will cover you if you travel out of state. NO Medicare policy…

The Best Time to Buy Travel Insurance

When is the best time to purchase your travel insurance? Is it ever too late to purchase a policy? You need to purchase your policy before you need it. You can’t wait to buy your insurance until something happens that…

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