What to Wear When Flying

Most people put a lot of thought into what they are going to pack for a trip , but what you wear when you are flying is equally important. Here are some dos and don’ts for dressing for a flight.

Don’t wear high heels. They are physically restrictive. More important – they could be difficult in the case of an emergency exit. Comfortable shoes are best – particularly ones that take a lot of room in your baggage. Don’t wear flip flops either. Your nails may look okay, but most people don’t want to look at your feet.

Do wear comfortable loose clothing, natural fibers are the best. Tights clothes can restrict blood flow and you run the risk of getting blood clots in your legs. Give your skin some room to breathe. Don’t wear pajamas. They might be comfy, but they are for sleeping in a bed, not flying on a plane.

Don’t wear perfume. Many people are allergic. Not everyone will love the scent you think is wonderful. You’re in a close space. Clean and scent free is the way to go. Speaking of clean, try to keep clean clothing for the flight home. Deodorant is more than just a good idea. We’ve all been next to the person that smells like he just came from the gym.

Do wear layers. Planes are hot. Planes are cold. Be prepared for either condition. You may be flying to Hawaii, but the plane could feel like you’re in Maine in the winter. Besides, wearing that cardigan or light jacket leaves more room in your suitcase.

Don’t wear shorts or short skirts without tights or hose. Planes can be cold. More important, planes are dirty. Airplanes seats are seldom, if ever, cleaned. Do you really want your bare skin touching an airplane seat?

Do remember that there are other people on the plane. Not everyone will be amused by your choice of an explicit tee shirt. In March 2015, a college student was denied boarding because of his T-shirt. Extremely provocative clothing can get you thrown off a plane as well. You don’t need to dress like you’re going to church, but be aware there families, people traveling on business, people going to funerals, etc. Just show a bit of respect for others.


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