Travel Insurance Coverage For Your Travel Arrangements

Pre-Departure Trip Cancellation – What if you are unable to take your planned trip? Are some of your payments non-refundable?  This benefit covers the non-refundable trip costs when you must cancel your travel plans before departure.

Post-Departure Trip Interruption – You are ill or your child is sick at home and you must interrupt your trip.  How do you get your money back for the remaining time you will miss?  This benefit covers the cost of your unused, non-refundable land or water travel arrangements and the additional air expense to either resume your trip or return home, if you interrupt your travel plans and/or return home early from your trip for a covered reason. offers great value in family travel insurance.

Missed Connection – Strikes, bad weather, mechanical breakdown and other carrier delays can cause you to miss your connecting flight and force you to make alternate travel arrangements, sometimes with a different airline entirely.  The Missed Connection Benefit covers the cost of these additional arrangements when you miss your flight connection due to a carrier delay, generally of three hours or more.

Trip or Travel Delay – What if you are stranded overnight in a connecting city due to bad weather? Who is going to pay for your hotel stay and what about meals? The Travel Delay benefit reimburses you for meal and hotel expense due to carrier and other covered delays. Travel flight insurance from can help cover these travel risks.


Cancel For Any Reason – While travel insurance policies routinely cover canceling a trip for many reasons, what if your reason for not going just isn’t covered?  This benefit allows you to cancel your trip for any reason whatsoever and still be reimbursed for most of your non-refundable trip costs.  To be eligible for this coverage, the plan must be purchased within a specified period of time (most often 15 days) after you have made your initial payment for your trip and you must cancel your trip prior to your scheduled departure (most often 2 days or more).


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