Travel Insurance Coverage For You

Medical Expense/Emergency Assistance – This benefit reimburses you for medical treatment during your trip if you become sick or are injured while traveling.  Additionally, air transport expenses (such as upgraded air arrangements, air ambulance, including doctor or nurse escort expenses) for medical evacuation are covered, if required to obtain the appropriate level of care needed for your condition.

Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation – This benefit covers you for reasonable expenses for transportation to the nearest place of safety if a formal recommendation from appropriate local authorities or the US State Department is issued to leave a country due to: 1) a natural disaster; 2) civil, military or political unrest; or 3) being expelled or declared a persona non-grata.



Accidental Death & Dismemberment – Want to protect your family in the unlikely event of your death from an accidental injury while traveling?   This benefit provides a payment to your estate if you die from an accidental injury.  Generally coverage is provided on a 24-hour basis during your travels and additional coverage may be provided for commercial air travel.


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