Summer Camp for Adults

o-CAMP-GROUNDED-facebookJust because you’re an adult, you don’t have to give up the fun of attending summer camp. There are many opportunities for you to get away and immerse yourself in a new activity this summer – learning something new or rediscovering your inner child. You probably have heard about fantasy sports camps and dude ranches (cowboy camps). Here are just a few other options for you to go to summer camp and have a ball.

Did you ever go to sleep away camp? If you did, or even if you didn’t, Camp Grounded allows you to have that experience. You can play capture the flag or color wars. You can learn archery, use the rock wall or go hiking. Face the challenge of the ropes course. Go to the swimming hole or relax on the beach. Make craft projects, participate in sing-a-longs at the campfire. Like most camps for kids, you’ll have to leave your phone, etc. at home. If you’re willing to unplug and want to really just do what kids used to do, this could be your place.

Ever dream of being in the thick of things in a military Special Forces operation? Mission X in Amman, Jordan is not for the faint of heart. You’ll train with an international team of former special services soldiers. Along with your team, you receive your orders. You may be assigned to disrupt and destroy an enemy cell. Training is at the KASOCT center. Jordan a bit far for you to travel? Mission X also offers a maritime special ops program in the Everglades.

Fear of making piecrust is a real thing. Attend the Upper Crust Pie Camp at the Paws Up Resort in Montana. Spend several days learning the secrets of pie and cookie making by day. Sip wine and eat gourmet foods by night. Not a bad way to spend a few days.

Do you believe in ghosts? If so, the Ghost Hunter University summer camp should be on your to-do list. The Hotel Maison De Ville will be hosting a 3-day event where you learn about the history of the hotel and have 2 hands-on ghost hunts. Novice hunters will learn about the difference between orbs, specters and full-body apparitions. During the ghost hunts, participants will see technical equipment being used and will learn how to review evidence.

If you like to boat or want to build your own wooden boat, consider going to the Wooden Boat School. Spend as little as one week or many weeks in Maine learning the basics or sailing or learn how to sail a larger vessel. You should have already taken a basic carpentry class in order to participate in the boatbuilding classes. You can study basic boatbuilding or learn to build a specific type of boat. After you build a boat, you can take it home with you or have it shipped. Impress you friends by taking them on the boat you built at summer camp.

If none of these camps appeal to you, check out the American Camp Association. They have a list of over 900 adult and family camps. You should be able to find one do visit. Don’t forget to write home while you’re at camp!

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