Stream Your Favorite Shows While Traveling Abroad

Stream your favorite shows in foreign countries
You can still watch your favorite shows while in foreign countries – just stream them.

Those sleepless nights when you have jet lag are tough to get through.  Channel surfing in a foreign country is sometimes boring when you don’t know the local language.   If your hotel provides WiFi, you can still stream your favorite shows on Hulu and Netflix from the US.   Many companies impose geo-restrictions to prevent you from viewing the content outside of the USA.  They sense where you are surfing from, and shut down your ability to watch.

You can bypass these geo-restrictions using a proxy or VPN connection to mask where you are surfing from on your laptop or tablet.  The problem with proxies is that they tend to be slow and take a long time to download the content.  Some services provide a better way to mask your address so that you can stream faster. Two examples are SimplyTelly and Getflix.

Streaming services restrict access to their services to certain countries. They look up the country of origin of your Internet address (also called an IP address). Your IP address is your unique address on the Internet, much like a phone number.  If it is outside the US, the stop you from being able to stream the content.

Getflix and SimplyTelly get around geo-blocking by re-routing your connection through a server on US soil. The streaming service then thinks you are actually located in the US.  Your regular Internet browsing and privacy is completely unaffected by using these services.


The cost is fairly minimal, and you can set these up while you are abroad.  For less then $10 you could be watching all your favorite shows.  They charge for this service because there is a large amount of data bandwidth that they must provide in order to stream these shows to you.   This is a great option on those rainy days you are trapped in your hotel or when you are having trouble sleeping.

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