Missed Connection Coverage in Travel Insurance

planeTravel plans involving multiple connecting flights can be stressful.  Even if the itinerary allows for several hours between flights, a long delay can result in a missed connection.  Travel insurance can help in these types of situations with Missed Connection coverage.

Missed Connection coverage is also helpful for trips involving itineraries with different common carriers, such as plane, train or ship.

There are several requirements for Missed Connection coverage and distinctions between plans to consider when comparing travel insurance.

The Delay Is Their Fault

All plans require that the delay is caused by a common carrier, i.e. plane, ship or train.  This can include weather, mechanical breakdown, or flight crew issues, for example, that cause the plane, ship or train to be delayed.  However, something like a long line at the airport won’t qualify as a delay.  Some plans only cover a flight delay, while others extend coverage to a delay of any common carrier.  There may be additional covered reasons for a Missed Connection, depending on the plan, so compare policies closely.

The Delay Is 3 Hours or More

The required delay time for Missed Connection coverage on all plans from TripInsurance.com is 3 hours.  If the delay is less than 3 hours, coverage will not apply, even if it resulted in a missed connection.  This can be important to recognize, since many travel itineraries have layovers shorter than this.  You don’t have to plan for a 3 hour layover; but a single flight delay would have to be at least 3 hours for coverage to apply.

All Missed Connections, or Only Cruise Departures?

Most travel insurance plans offer Missed Connection coverage for any type of missed trip departure, including cruise, flight or train, for example.  However, some plans only apply this coverage to a missed cruise departure.  This can be a key distinction if your trip doesn’t include a cruise because this coverage won’t apply.

What can be Reimbursed?

All plans can reimburse the additional transportation cost to catch up to the departed trip.  This is usually the next available flight to your destination.  Many plans offer additional reimbursement, such as expenses for food and hotel during the delay, as well as unused trip costs that aren’t refunded to you.

If Missed Connection coverage is a priority, compare plans closely to find one that fits your needs.  Depending on the components of your specific trip, certain plans may offer better value with this coverage.

Remember, Missed Connection is not the only travel related coverage in place during the trip.  Trip Delay coverage is included in all plans with Missed Connection coverage.  If you insure a trip cost, Trip Interruption coverage will also be included.

Please contact TripInsurance.com if you have any questions or would like assistance comparing travel insurance.  Our agents are available 24 hours per day and eager to help.

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