Olympics Bound? Be Sure to Buy Travel Insurance for Your Special Event Tickets

The 2012 Summer Olympics start in just a week, and if you are planning to travel to London to attend the games, be sure to have travel insurance so you are covered in case you miss your favorite event.

There are more than 11 million visitors expected to visit London for the Olympic Games, and there are more than 16 million tickets selling for as much as $3,100 for a single event. If you are traveling to London specifically to see the Olympics, it would be a shame to miss an event because of a delayed flight, an accident on your way to the airport, a sudden illness, or some other unforeseen problem.

Trip insurance can cover you so you don’t lose out because of a delayed flight or any problem getting there that might cause you to miss a once-in-a-lifetime experience such as the Olympics. Most travel insurance plans includes coverage for nonrefundable shore excursion and tickets, such as you would get for the Olympics, the Super Bowl, or a Broadway play, as well as a guided tour or paid excursion package. If you are delayed in transit and miss your event, travel insurance will cover you.

If you are investing the time and money for the event of a lifetime, doesn’t it make sense to protect your investment? Remember that TripInsurance.com offers comprehensive coverage directly from the underwriters at up to 40% savings, so be sure to insure your travel arrangements before you head off to the 2012 Olympics.

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