Do You Really Need Travel Insurance for a Cruise?

shutterstock_187460507No one wants to think they’ll need travel insurance when they buy a cruise. Don’t be foolish, travel insurance is especially important to cruisers because of the nature of cruising, The chance of missing part of your trip because of a missed ship deparature is higher than if you are simply flying nonstop from one place to another. Getting adequate medical attention for an unexpected emergency is not only difficult to get but can be prohibitively expensive. Unforeseen events – work, illness, or even the death of a loved one may require you to cancel a cruise.

Most insurance offered by cruise lines is limited in coverage and doesn’t cover bankruptcy of the cruise company. Consider purchasing your travel insurance from a third party comparison site to ensure you get the coverage you need.

Trip Cancellation. If you have to cancel your trip, many cruise lines either offer no refund, a partial refund, or give you credit for another cruise. Buying separate travel insurance can protect your investment.

Medical Care. Getting medical care on a ship is expensive. Some medical insurance doesn’t cover you outside of the US, and if it does, you have to file separately and wait for reimbursement. Medicare does not cover anyone outside of the US. Travel Insurance gives you piece of mind that any medical costs will be covered.

Emergency Medical Evacuation.  If you are injured or become so ill that you have to be transported to an on-shore medical facility, travel insurance will cover the expenses, which can be well over $100,000.

Baggage Delay or Loss.  Your baggage may be going from an airline to a ship to a hotel and back again. Every time your baggage moves, there is a chance it could be lost or at least misplaced. Travel insurance can help you get the things you need while you wait for a misplaced bag. If your bag is lost, it will help you recover some of the costs of replacing what you lost.

Still not convinced you need travel insurance for a cruise? Read USA Today’s account of the difficulties experienced by someone who had to cancel a Disney Cruise at the last minute. Purchasing travel insurance from a third party source protects both you and your cruise investment.

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