Dealing with the Death of a Traveling Companion

shutterstock_202612162One of the most common arguments against purchasing trip insurance is that you’re healthy, not going to a high risk area and aren’t going to be participating in any dangerous activities. And you’re certainly not going to die. Unfortunately, even on the safest of vacations, horrible things can happen. Look at the tragedy that befell Dave Goldberg recently. While vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Goldberg fell off a treadmill and died of head trauma. His injury and death could have occurred anywhere. If this happened to someone in your family while on vacation, would you have the ability to deal with a tragic death?

According to the State Department, over 6000 Americans die while abroad each year.  Most likely, none of these people believed they would die while traveling.

No one wants to think about the unthinkable, but you can easily and inexpensively prepare for the worst case scenario.

Imagine dealing with the sudden death of a family member while on vacation abroad, and learning it can cost thousands of dollars to get your loved one’s remains back to the US. Not only can the cost be staggering, dealing with a foreign country’s regulations in a foreign language to get the body repatriated cam be overwhelming.

Some foreign countries may require an autopsy and many don’t embalm bodies. If the worst happens, the last thing you want to be doing is dealing with these details. If you desire, make sure your policy covers cremation. Be aware that many foreign countries do not practice embalming.

Travel insurance can make dealing with the unthinkable manageable. Buy a policy that includes repatriation of your body to a US funeral home. Make the policy offers a good 24/7 hotline for the assistance you’ll need in getting your loved one back home. You may need that assistance if you are dealing with people who don’t speak English.

Cheryl Sandberg had a huge support network to help her deal with her husband’s death when she was out of the US, as did James Gandolfini’s family last year. Not everyone has those resources – unless they have travel insurance.

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