Best iPhone Travel Apps to Keep Your Flights Smooth

There are quite a few great travel applications available for the iPhone.  Here are a few that will keep your flights comfortable and keep you better informed about your flight status.

AirportStatusFree – Stay abreast of the latest flight delays in US airports.  If you know you are traveling through a hub like Chicago, or JFK, use this application to see if they are having weather or ground delays. If you know where your inbound aircraft is coming from, you can also see if their will be an equipment delay.  This app may tell you about delays before the airline is willing to post them.

Airport Delays

Gate Maps Lite – You will often hear a flight attendant announce the gate for your connection, but you just have a few minutes to catch it.  Ever wanted to know how far you are going to have to run to catch your flight.  Pull up this gate map application to see just how far away your gate is located.

Airline Seat Guide- When you book your flights, see where the best seats are on the plane.  Road warriors who frequent the same routes, and plane often know where the best seat are.  This app gives you hints for a given airline and given flight, which seat to pick.

Another great way to get the best information on where your assigned seat is located is go to This website has thousands of seat reviews, and also features a mobile version of their site you can access from the web browser on your phone.  Save a home screen short cut to this site to have one touch access.

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