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8 Travel Tips I Learned Late in Life

Here are 8 helpful travel tips I learned after many years (and, yes, a few decades) of traveling—tips that may inspire some “Aha” moments for you as well.

Seeing Paris in a Day

Yes, seeing Paris in a day is a challenge! But, if your time in this sublime city is limited, here are several absolute musts.

First-Time Cruiser? Here Are 6 Key Questions to Ask.

Even for the seasoned traveler, a cruise is a different kind of travel experience. And, to make sure that the first cruise you choose is also a good fit for you, here are a few “proper prior planning” questions to ask that will, hopefully, guide you toward the right decisions.

Travel Scams—Yes, They Can Happen to You

Surveys repeatedly confirm that we are usually safer in most popular destinations than we are in our own hometowns. But American tourists, unsure of themselves in foreign lands, remain prime targets for scammers, and it’s always good to keep an eye out for certain activities. Here are a few scams that—no matter where you travel in the world—always seem to be popping up.

Be Well: 8 Ways to Stay Healthy and Enjoy Your Cruise

When it comes to health, it’s smooth sailing for the vast majority of cruise travelers. But, when on board, you can experience seasickness, or you can increase your chances of getting a virus simply because you’re sharing everything from recreation facilities to doorknobs with many, many other people. Here are 8 tips for healthier, happier cruising you might want to consider.

5 Classic Movies to See Before You Visit Classic Italian Sites

As a traveler who also enjoys movies, I’ve often found it fun to prep for an overseas vacation by watching a few movies set in some of the locales I’m planning to see. Watching actors and actresses in these places, often playing characters marveling at the sights themselves, can be a great way to plan your “must see” lists before you start your trip. Here are film and travel ideas for Italy.

Picture This: A Few Helpful Tips for Better Travel Photos

As good as some of today’s digital cameras are, the photographer still has numerous choices that really do make the difference between run-of-the-mill vacation pictures and truly memorable ones. Here are five tips that may help.

Safety Tips When Renting a Car

When you are traveling, a lot of your risk isn’t just getting to and from your destination. If you rent a car when you arrive, then you have the added risk of an automobile accident. According to the National Highway…

How to Pack for a Long Trip (Without the Kitchen Sink)

We are frequently asked about insurance for luggage and things you take on your trip. Trip insurance does protect your luggage, assuming you aren’t carrying the crown jewels, but the first step in protecting your luggage when you travel is…

Conquer the World, and Share Your Dream Vacation

We have expanded our latest Conquer the World sweepstakes. Between now and November 30, you can enter for a chance to win a $5,000 on either Facebook or Google Plus with a simple “like” and sharing something about your dream…

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