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  • Choosing a Tour Company

    If you’re considering a tour, what are some things to think about when choosing a tour company? Here are 6 tips the experts have shared with us.

  • Cut Airline Costs: 5 Novel Ideas

    The cost of flying is going up, it sometimes seems, as quickly as an airliner at takeoff. If you’d like to trim some of these extra costs a bit, here are some novel strategies several travel experts recommend.

  • Tips to Minimize Jet Lag

    While jet lag is unavoidable, there are several things you can do to minimize its negative effects. Here are a few ideas of things to do before you fly, during your flight, and after you arrive at your destination.

  • 10 Amazing Travel Adventures

    What’s worth traveling to another part of the world just to see and experience? Recently, Buzzfeed compiled a list of 10 adventures amazing enough to warrant serious consideration.

  • Pack Smart for Your Cruise—6 Tips

    Packing smart for your cruise can help a lot in minimizing travel snags and other frustrations. Here are 6 tips veteran cruisers have shared with us.

  • Personal Benefits of Travel

    Surveys show that spending money on travel generally tends to make people happier than spending money on material goods. That’s just one of several major personal benefits travel offers.

  • 5 Tips for House Swapping/Home Exchange

    “House swapping” or “home exchange” has steadily become very popular practice among travelers. If the idea intrigues you, here are 5 tips that can help you out.

  • Safeguarding Your Bankcard While Traveling

    A lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised bankcard can be one of a traveler’s worst nightmares. Here are some tips to help you reduce the chances of any of these things happening during your trip.

  • Don’t Embarrass Yourself Abroad-2

    Recently, we posted 5 tips to consider so you don embarrass yourself when traveling abroad. We found this such a rich subject, we wrote a follow-up post with 6 additional tips…

  • Connecting More Deeply with Your Destinations

    So, what are some tips for connecting more deeply with our destinations—for increasing our chances of getting that “emotional lift” we all hope to find when we travel? Keeping in mind that this is a subject large enough for entire books, here are 6 thoughts to mull over.

  • Lost Luggage? Rhod Gilbert Can Top Your Story

      If you think you are having problems with your airline regarding lost luggage, see the kind of problems Rhod Gilbert has with his luggage.

  • Tips for Communicating with Non-English Speakers

    With a little patience and creativity, you’ll find that communicating with non-English speakers when you’re traveling can be easier than you think. Here are 6 helpful tips.

  • Don’t Embarrass Yourself Abroad

    Here are 5 tips we thought would be helpful to anyone preparing for a first trip overseas — tips to help assure that you’re a little more in sync with the local customs and preferences.

  • Sign up for e-Travel Alerts

    Free through TripInsurance.com, whether you’re a customer or not, e-Travel Alerts is an extremely valuable online information service that posts security updates several times each day for travelers worldwide.

  • On Your Next Trip, Go with GoGirl

    This is all about GoGirl, a product designed to make life much more pleasant for women who enjoy travel and the outdoors and who don’t enjoy unsanitary public restrooms.

    This is also the last of our 3-part blog series discussing helpful travel products many travelers don’t know about. To learn about the first 2 products, check out the next 2 blogs down. They talk about the Fitbit family of digital health awareness products and the TravelSmith Cashsafe Belt.

  • Fitbit®: For a Little Extra Travel Health Insurance

    Health is the theme of the second entry in our 3-part travel product post series. (If you missed our security-oriented first entry, TravelSmith’s Safecash Belt, check out the next blog down.)

    The product we’re featuring today is a fascinating family of compact digital accessories called Fitbit, tools that help you measure physical activity, eating, sleeping, and managing your weight better on trips and at home.

  • Keep Your Money Safe and Avoid Becoming a Target

    This month we’d like to do something a little different and fun! We’re going to highlight 3 products that members of our staff absolutely love when traveling and regularly recommend to others. As part of this series, we hope you’ll find a new product that will make your next travel adventure that much better. Today, in part 1 of our series, we will introduce you to an excellent way to keep your money safe while traveling.

    Don’t forget to check back Friday for the second product we’re highlighting this month. It’ll add a great new digital pleasure to your travels.

  • African Safari Tips

    Safari anyone? Here are 4 African Safari tips we consider key to a successful experience and information about a wonderful camp in Eastern Zambia.

  • 10 Tips for Traveling with Children

    Traveling with children usually comes with a distinctive set of challenges and, to be successful, involves some careful planning. What are some tips we’d recommend? Here are 10 we’ve found very helpful.

  • Travel Security: The e-Travel Alerts Difference

    TripInsurance.com extends our offer of e-Travel Alerts email updates to everyone who wants this valuable travel security service.