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What Are Your 2018 Travel Resolutions

What Are Your 2018 Travel Resolutions

Two years ago we suggested some travel resolutions for the new year. They made a lot of sense and should have been easy to keep. Did you make a travel wish list and save money to take the trip? Did you go for a quick getaway or take a buck list trip? Even if you […]

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How To Make A Travel Insurance Claim

You’re all packed and ready to go on your trip, and then someone gets sick and you can’t go. Or, you’re on your trip and someone gets sick and has to go to the doctor. Or. . . you miss your connection and have to stay overnight somewhere along the way. It’s a good thing […]

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Running Late

Best Holiday Travel Tips

If you’re getting ready to travel for the holidays, you probably are somewhat stressed, whether it’s the idea of spending time with the entire family or the dread of having to fly during one of the busiest times of the year, we have a few suggestions to make your travel more manageable.

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Hurricane Irma slams into the Caribbean

Travel Insurance for Hurricane Coverage – Timing is everything

Many of the Caribbean Islands, and the Florida Keys were wiped out by Hurricane Irma.   But this was just the first of many to come.  Hurricanes are coming in record breaking strength.  Meteorologists attribute these unusually large storms as the result of warmer water from global warming.   They don’t expect this trend to […]

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Do You Really Need To Spend Money On Travel Insurance?

When you’re taking a trip, you want to make sure you spend your money wisely – on things that are important to you. That may be splurging for first-class, a room upgrade, a gourmet dinner or something else that you want to purchase on that fabulous vacation you bought. But is it wise to pass […]

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If You’re on Medicare – You Need Travel Insurance

If you’re over 65 and traveling, there’s a good reason to buy travel insurance, possibly even if you are traveling within the US. Not all Medicare Advantage policies will cover you if you travel out of state. NO Medicare policy will cover you if you travel abroad. Having a Medigap policy may provide some coverage. […]

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The Best Time to Buy Travel Insurance

When is the best time to purchase your travel insurance? Is it ever too late to purchase a policy? You need to purchase your policy before you need it. You can’t wait to buy your insurance until something happens that precludes you from traveling. You can’t make a deposit on your trip, then break your […]

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Your Trip May Be Longer than You Think

You’re taking a ten-day cruise, so your trip will be ten days long, right?  Not necessarily.  If you are traveling to get to your main point of departure for your trip and spending a night away from home before embarking on the main part of your trip, you trip is longer than the dates of […]

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Unique SPA Experiences

Your idea of a fantastic vacation might include a luxurious and relaxing day at a spa. Your traveling companion may want something new and adventurous at each stop. Visit one of these unique spas, and everyone can be happy. Some sound wonderful, others are just a bit …. Different. Decide for yourself, but consider trying […]

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The Zika Virus is spreading rapidly through Latin America and South America

Latest News on the Zika Virus and Travel to Latin America

Information about the Zika virus changes daily. In January, the CDC issued a Travel Alert Level 2 for pregnant women traveling to many Latin American Countries. If you are considering travel to one of the affected areas, consult with your doctor about the health risks and make sure you take precautions against mosquitos.

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What Determines the Cost of a Travel Insurance Policy?

Buying travel insurance can be confusing because no two policies are the same. Unlike car or homeowners insurance, there is no standard form policy for travel insurance. Not only do these plans differ from one insurance company to another, but they also may differ from state to state. Maybe you talked to someone who claims […]

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What’s the Travel Insurance Definition of Family Member?

Reading the fine print of your travel insurance policy can help you understand what is meant by a family member when they are defining the terms for cancellation due to an illness or death of a “family member.”  To save you the trouble of having to track down these definitions, we have pulled up the information […]

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Cancel for Any Reason Coverage is Often the Right Option

You planned a trip, made reservations, and purchased tickets. You even bought trip insurance. Something comes up and you decide not to travel. It could be a wedding that gets canceled. Perhaps there is unrest in the region you a planning on visiting and you’re not comfortable traveling. Maybe the weather isn’t going to cooperate […]

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How To Select The Right Travel Insurance Plan For You

How do you know which travel insurance plans suits your needs.  No two trips or people are exactly alike, needs and concerns vary from person to person and trip to trip.  You might be concerned about a family member becoming ill and causing you to cancel your long awaited trip.  Another person might be concerned […]

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You Need Travel Insurance for Your Next Ski Trip

  You’re planning a ski trip. You’ve bought equipment and made deposits for travel and accommodations. You may even have prepaid your lift tickets. You’ve got everything covered, right? Wrong. Things can go wrong both before and during your vacation. Travel insurance allows you to focus on the fun, not on the what ifs. Your […]

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