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Lake Bled, Solvenia (Wikimedia)

10 Trips to Take in Your 40s

For most people, the 40s can be both a very challenging and satisfying time. Many are entering their peak earning years at work and raising teen-agers simultaneously. Many also have the financial resources to take the kinds of trips they only dreamed about in their 20s and 30s and even, maybe, to splurge a little […]

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Oregon’s Crater Lake with Wizard Island in Center. (U.S. National Park Service)

Connecting More Deeply with Your Destinations

So, what are some tips for connecting more deeply with our destinations—for increasing our chances of getting that “emotional lift” we all hope to find when we travel? Keeping in mind that this is a subject large enough for entire books, here are 6 thoughts to mull over.

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When Does Travel Insurance Go into Effect?

This is a very sensible question, of course. But, it’s probably best to break it into 2 more specific questions: “When does my trip cancellation coverage go into effect?” and “When are the other coverage features of the policy in effect?”

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The calming white-sand beaches of Barbados are luring record numbers of 30-something travelers each year.

10 Trips to Take in Your 30s

In the interest of fairness, we thought we would divide our choices for 10 trips to take in your 30s into 3 categories: romantic escapes, getaways for singles, and family vacations.

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