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What is a pre-existing condition waiver, and why do I need it?

Primary or Excess Medical Coverage?

Many people we talk to haven’t fully thought through which type of travel insurance medical coverage to choose: “primary” or “excess.” First, what do these terms mean here? And second, which makes the most sense for you and the trip you are taking?

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An aerial photograph of the May 2011 eruption in Grimsvotn, Iceland, which disrupted the trips of thousands of European travelers. Travelers who subscribed to e-Travel Alerts at the time, however, could easily stay on top of developments and their implications and plan accordingly. (Wikimedia)

Sign up for e-Travel Alerts

Free through, whether you’re a customer or not, e-Travel Alerts is an extremely valuable online information service that posts security updates several times each day for travelers worldwide.

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In addition to being great for women campers, GoGirl is a handy item for any woman who travels, loves the outdoors, participates in sports, or just hates unsanitary public restrooms.

On Your Next Trip, Go with GoGirl

This is all about GoGirl, a product designed to make life much more pleasant for women who enjoy travel and the outdoors and who don’t enjoy unsanitary public restrooms. This is also the last of our 3-part blog series discussing helpful travel products many travelers don’t know about. To learn about the first 2 products, […]

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Small, stylish, and powerful, the Flex™ Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband is just one of the Fitbit® family of health awareness products ideal for traveling as well as at home.

Fitbit®: For a Little Extra Travel Health Insurance

Health is the theme of the second entry in our 3-part travel product post series. (If you missed our security-oriented first entry, TravelSmith’s Safecash Belt, check out the next blog down.) The product we’re featuring today is a fascinating family of compact digital accessories called Fitbit, tools that help you measure physical activity, eating, sleeping, […]

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Keep Your Money Safe and Avoid Becoming a Target

This month we’d like to do something a little different and fun! We’re going to highlight 3 products that members of our staff absolutely love when traveling and regularly recommend to others. As part of this series, we hope you’ll find a new product that will make your next travel adventure that much better. Today, […]

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