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Be Well: 8 Ways to Stay Healthy and Enjoy Your Cruise

When it comes to health, it’s smooth sailing for the vast majority of cruise travelers. But, when on board, you can experience seasickness, or you can increase your chances of getting a virus simply because you’re sharing everything from recreation facilities to doorknobs with many, many other people. Here are 8 tips for healthier, happier […]

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Could Travel Insurance Help the Passengers of the Carnival Triumph?

One topic that has received a lot of press play lately was the trouble the Carnival Triumph experienced because of a mechanical failure, leaving more than 4000 passengers without power and in sometimes pretty grim conditions for several days.  On February 15th, I was interviewed by Cruise Radio about how travel insurance might help […]

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Zambia’s Wild East

Located next to the South Luangwa National Park in the Luangwa Valley in eastern Zambia, Zikomo Safari Camp offers visitors the chance to see one of Africa’s last truly wild places.

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One classic destination: the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, or the Duomo, in Florence

5 Classic Movies to See Before You Visit Classic Italian Sites

As a traveler who also enjoys movies, I’ve often found it fun to prep for an overseas vacation by watching a few movies set in some of the locales I’m planning to see. Watching actors and actresses in these places, often playing characters marveling at the sights themselves, can be a great way to plan […]

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Hidden Travel Gems

Three seasoned travel bloggers share personal “discoveries,” little-known but great destinations: an Australian island, a Bulgarian national park, and a chain of bakeries that began in Belgium.

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