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Best Time to Ski the Alps Before they Are Gone

Who would have believed that a mountain range could actually be endangered? However, according to researchers, the Alps as we know them will be gone in less than 40 years due to global warming.  The Alps ranked number 6 in our list of 10 Places to See Before They Are Gone. According to studies, temperatures […]

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Safety Tips When Renting a Car

When you are traveling, a lot of your risk isn’t just getting to and from your destination. If you rent a car when you arrive, then you have the added risk of an automobile accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were nearly 33,000 auto fatalities in 2010 (the last year surveyed). […]

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Give the Gift of Security – Insure Those Electronic Toys

This holiday season, consumers are expected to spend an average of $252 per person on electronic devices as gifts according to the Consumer Electronics Association. The hot consumer electronics categories this year are all portable – mobile phones and iPhones, e-readers, video games, and tablet computers and iPads. These are the most popular portable electronics […]

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glacier national park

See Glacier National Park Before the Glaciers Melt

If you saw our recent blog post about the winners of our Facebook My Travel Adventures photo contest, you will recall the winning photo was entitled “Global Warming,” and showed the melting Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska. Alaska isn’t the only place where you can actually see the dramatic effects of global warming. Many of […]

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Tips to Ease Holiday Travel

Most of you have already made your travel plans for the holidays. This year promises to be one of the busiest travel seasons in the last six years according to a report from AAA: Planes will also be fuller than last Christmas. The group’s chief economist John Heimlich expects 86 percent of seats to be […]

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How to Buy Travel Insurance for Trips That Use Frequent Flyer Miles

We had an interesting question come to us this week – how do you calculate travel insurance costs when you are using frequent flyer miles, and are you covered for trip interruptions? In other words, if you are traveling using airline miles, how does it affect your trip insurance? Travel insurance fees are calculated based […]

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