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Insuring your Student for a Semester Abroad

The spring college semester is only a few months away and many college students are finalizing plans to study abroad. Smart parents also are making plans to protect their traveling student while he or she is out of the country. Travel insurance can be a real aid to students traveling abroad. It gives them the […]

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How to Pack for a Long Trip (Without the Kitchen Sink)

We are frequently asked about insurance for luggage and things you take on your trip. Trip insurance does protect your luggage, assuming you aren’t carrying the crown jewels, but the first step in protecting your luggage when you travel is knowing how to pack. We have blogged about traveling light in the past, and I […]

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Cruise Radio: Insuring Portable Electronics

There are so many reasons to get travel insurance for your portable electronics. Did you know: Your iPhone is worth more to thieves than what you carry in your wallet. You can insure a cell phone if you drop it in a toilet or on pavement, but not if you leave it in a cab. […]

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