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“Hurricane Sandy Cancelled My Trip”

The recent news surrounding Hurricane Sandy, the Frankenstorm, has everyone one edge, especially travelers. Transportation services in New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Boston have been closed by the storm, leaving thousands of unprepared travelers stranded. The lucky ones will have travel insurance, and the smart ones will continue to purchase travel insurance throughout hurricane […]

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Broken iPhone or Stolen Laptop? We’ve Got You Covered! is very pleased to announce that we now offer something that is unique to the travel insurance industry: coverage for stolen, or broken portable electronics. We know that travelers are taking their laptops, smartphones, and iPads everywhere, so travelers now can have the peace of mind that portable electronics can be insured against loss, […]

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How the Batwa Turn to Tourism to Preserve Their Way of Life

Our livelihood is largely dependent on tourism (although we also play an important role insuring business travelers), which may be why we were so interested in a story we heard on NPR last week about the plight of the Batwa Forest People, who have become tour guides in their own land in an attempt to […]

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Share Your Vacation

Conquer the World, and Share Your Dream Vacation

We have expanded our latest Conquer the World sweepstakes. Between now and November 30, you can enter for a chance to win a $5,000 on either Facebook or Google Plus with a simple “like” and sharing something about your dream destination.  Even if you don’t win the grand prize, there are still 50 chances to […]

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Giving Back through Tourism Cares

Not all aspects of the travel industry are glamorous. Those vacation destinations that you long to see take a lot of care and maintenance, and many of the public and historic sites that make a destination so special don’t always have the resources for upkeep. That’s why likes to give back to the tourist […]

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No Insurance Rewards for High Risk Travel

Not all travel risks are created equal in the eyes of insurance underwriters. There are a number of high-risk activities that will not be covered by most travel insurance policies, and those activities are usually cataloged in the terms of the policy. Before you book that scuba package or plan on skydiving, you should be […]

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