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Travel Insurance Can’t Cover Carelessness

I saw an article last weekend by noted travel columnist Ed Perkins where he tells the story of an Arkansas couple who lost the cost of their $8,000 Alaskan cruise because they missed their initial flight to the cruise. He implies this should have been covered by trip insurance. As Perkins notes, this couple went […]

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Is that iPad Covered? Electronics and Travel Insurance

With the Internet boom, it’s harder to break the office umbilical. Professionals travel with laptops, iPads, and smart phones to stay in contact with their office and their clients, and, let’s face it, to look for the best local restaurants, check their stocks, make hotel reservations, and placate the kids with their favorite movie. Whenever […]

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calculating trip costs

Calculating Trip Cost for Travel Insurance

Most travel insurance carriers calculate insurance fees based on trip cost. You would think that it would be a simple formula to calculate. How do you determine trip cost? What do you insure to give yourself maximum protection at minimum cost? The rule of thumb is to insure those portions of your travel plans that […]

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Are you Covered for Tropical Storm Isaac?

Tropical Storm Isaac is bearing down on Haiti and the Dominican Republic and may elevate to hurricane status. They are expecting it to spread across much of Florida in the next few days. Are you covered under travel insurance if Isaac becomes a hurricane? Are you covered after a storm has been named?

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Man being pickpocketed

Stop, Thief! How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off on the Road

Have you ever been ripped off when you were on the road? It’s more common than you think. Even the friendliest destinations have their share of thieves and pickpockets, and in some Eastern, and Central and South American countries, stealing from the tourists is a way of making a living. In Quito, Ecuador for example, […]

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