Worldwide Protection for Electronics & Cameras

Insure your iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Computers, & Cameras

Travel with confidence knowing your equipment is covered too!
Travel insurance rarely covers electronics and cameras. Now you can buy annual worldwide coverage for your personal electronics, computers and valuable camera equipment.

We insure: iPhones, iPads, iPods, Laptops, Cellphones, Android Smartphones, E-Readers, Cameras, and Gaming Systems

We take you to our administrator Worth Ave Group for a quick quote and easy enrollment.

What does it cover?

Worldwide protection against:

  • Accidental damage from drops or spills
  • Liquid submersion damage from any source
  • Theft of the device
  • With no limit on number of claims

What's not covered?

  • Property that is misplaced, lost, or left behind
  • Theft from an unlocked car
  • Wear and tear or cosmetic damage

How do I file a claim?

Submit a copy of your drivers license, the online claim form, and proof of purchase. If the device is damaged you may need to ship it to them.

What does it cost? – Some examples:

With $50 deductible, and Accidental Coverage:

DeviceCoverage Amount Annual Cost
iPhone 6 plus - 64gb$850 $77
iPhone 6 - 64gb$750 $71
iPhone 5s - 32gb$749 $71
iPhone 5 - 16gb$649 $67
iPad - 16gb$399 $34
Laptop$1,600 $104
Android Phone$299 $41
Kindle$200 $21
Camera$1,500 $162


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Annual Electronic Equipment Coverage

This sounds like the perfect plan. How do I enroll?

Enrolling in property insurance from Worth Ave. Group is simple and takes only a few minutes. Use the link above to get a quote and sign up. Start protecting your property today! We offer insurance policies that cover iPhones, iPads, laptops and more. K-12 laptop insurance policies are available for parents who want to insure their K-12 student's laptop that is personally owned or one that is school issued. Our K-12 laptop policy is also available to K-12 teachers, administrators and staff who want to insure their school issued laptops.

Do I have to enroll within 30 days of purchasing the device or camera

No, you can purchase coverage at any time. You just need the serial number of the device, and proof of purchase (a receipt).

Do I have to have a receipt or bill of sale for my device to buy insurance?

When you go to file a claim for theft or damage, you will have to have proof of purchase (a receipt) to prove you own the device.

If I travel overseas is my property covered?

Yes, which makes our coverage truly WORLDWIDE.

Doesn't my homeowner's policy cover my property?

It depends. Not all homeowners policies are the same, and their deductibles are usually much higher. Although most policies will provide some coverage, they have limitations on certain property. Also, the limit for property away from the principal residence is generally 10% of the personal property limit on the policy. Feel free to show your agent our application and policy booklet to compare coverage.

If my homeowner's policy provides coverage, why would I want to purchase a separate policy?

The specialized property policy from Worth Ave. Group applies first, regardless of other insurance, providing a greater percentage of reimbursement. You will always recover more of a covered loss with Worth Ave. Group because our deductibles are significantly less than the deductibles of a homeowners policy and we provide Replacement Cost coverage which does not include depreciation.

If I have a warranty on my property should I purchase property insurance?

Yes, the warranty on your property will service failures and mechanical breakdowns. A Worth Ave. Group insurance policy can protect you from physical damage such as drops, cracked LCD screens, liquid spills, and power surges due to lightning in addition to theft, fire, flood and many other natural disasters. (Please note: you must select accidental damage coverage to receive protection against drops, cracked lcd screens, and liquid spills)

How much does Worth Ave. Group's policy cost?

The cost of your insurance policy depends on the amount of coverage you purchase, the deductible you select and whether or not you select Accidental Damage coverage. Compare our plan's deductibles to those of your homeowners policy ($500 to $1,000+).

If someone steals my property, will the policy cover that loss?

Yes, unless stolen from a vehicle that was not locked. There must be proof of forced entry into the vehicle to have the stolen item covered.

If I lose my property, will the policy cover that loss?

No, property that has been misplaced, lost, or left behind is not covered. Items stolen by theft, burglary, or robbery are covered. A police report must be filed for these types of losses.

Does the policy cover software on my computer?

Loss of software is limited to $1,000 for any one loss.

Am I covered for a theft from my car?

Property in a personally owned automobile is covered, provided that the vehicle was locked at the time of theft and there was evidence of forced entry into the vehicle.

What if I'm not happy with my policy?

If you are not satisfied with your coverage for any reason whatsoever, simply return your policy within 30 days for a 100% money-back refund of premium. You may also cancel after the initial 30-day period. The premium will be pro-rated using a short rate unearned method of calculation. A minimum of $20 will be assessed.

I'm already enrolled. Something happened, and I need to file a claim. How do I do it?

In the event that your property has been accidentally damaged, stolen, or damaged by theft, fire, flood or natural disasters, or vandalism, claim information is conveniently found on our website. Click here to find claim forms and contact information.

I have several expensive lenses for my camera can I insure those too?

Camera insurance covers a camera and the lens that came with it. If you have additional lenses, just list those each on a separate camera policy and use the serial number for the lens during enrollment. Use the cost of the lens as the cost of the camera you are insuring on each of those policies.