Skip the Security Line Before Your Next Flight

Getting through airport security is taking longer than ever before.  It doesn’t look like things are going to improve any time soon.  Government officials, airports, and airlines suggest you arrive at the airport 3 hours before your flight in order to get through security in time for boarding.  There are a few things that can […]

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Clock and Calendar

Is It Ever Too Early or Too Late to Buy Travel Insurance?

You can purchase travel insurance from the first day you make a deposit on your trip up until the day before you depart. The cost will be the same regardless of when you purchase, but there are advantages if you buy sooner than later.

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With people sharing such confined spaces, attention to etiquette is key to a good in-flight experience.

Just Plane Manners

  Sometimes it seems like common courtesy doesn’t exist anymore, particularly on airplanes. Generally speaking things don’t escalate to violence, but occasionally they do, as it did in March when women had a fist fight on a flight over noise from a boom box. People may really bother you, but before you say anything, make […]

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Portland OR Skyline

Best Weekend Away in Portland, OR

Portland offers the ideal weekend away for almost any sort of group –The restaurants and shopping are great. The hotels and walking around town are convenient, and you are a short drive from some of the most scenic areas of the country.

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Unique SPA Experiences

Your idea of a fantastic vacation might include a luxurious and relaxing day at a spa. Your traveling companion may want something new and adventurous at each stop. Visit one of these unique spas, and everyone can be happy. Some sound wonderful, others are just a bit …. Different. Decide for yourself, but consider trying […]

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What is a pre-existing condition waiver, and why do I need it?

Pre-existing Medical Condition Waivers – Do You Need One?

Most insurers will deny a claim if the traveler canceled the trip because of a pre-existing medical condition. What is a pre-existing condition waiver, when do you need it, and how do you get it?

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Snacks on a Plane

If you have even a little bit of time, you can take enough food to help you make it through even a fairly long flight. But knowing what not to take is almost more important than what to take. Follow these simple rules.

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The Zika Virus is spreading rapidly through Latin America and South America

Latest News on the Zika Virus and Travel to Latin America

Information about the Zika virus changes daily. In January, the CDC issued a Travel Alert Level 2 for pregnant women traveling to many Latin American Countries. If you are considering travel to one of the affected areas, consult with your doctor about the health risks and make sure you take precautions against mosquitos.

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What Determines the Cost of a Travel Insurance Policy?

Buying travel insurance can be confusing because no two policies are the same. Unlike car or homeowners insurance, there is no standard form policy for travel insurance. Not only do these plans differ from one insurance company to another, but they also may differ from state to state. Maybe you talked to someone who claims […]

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Planning Travel to the Rio Olympics – travel simply and safely

Planning on visiting Rio for the Olympics this summer? There are a few things you should know to make your trip simple and safe.

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Stream your favorite shows in foreign countries

Stream Your Favorite Shows While Traveling Abroad

Those sleepless nights when you have jet lag are tough to get through.  Channel surfing in a foreign country is sometimes boring when you don’t know the local language.   If your hotel provides WiFi, you can still stream your favorite shows on Hulu and Netflix from the US.   Many companies impose geo-restrictions to […]

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What’s the Travel Insurance Definition of Family Member?

Reading the fine print of your travel insurance policy can help you understand what is meant by a family member when they are defining the terms for cancellation due to an illness or death of a “family member.”  To save you the trouble of having to track down these definitions, we have pulled up the information […]

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Cancel for Any Reason Coverage is Often the Right Option

You planned a trip, made reservations, and purchased tickets. You even bought trip insurance. Something comes up and you decide not to travel. It could be a wedding that gets canceled. Perhaps there is unrest in the region you a planning on visiting and you’re not comfortable traveling. Maybe the weather isn’t going to cooperate […]

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Roses from Ecuador

Give the Gift of Travel on Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Instead of giving your sweetheart a gift, consider taking that special someone to see where some traditional Valentine’s Day gifts are created. Roses are a traditional gift. Instead of sending a dozen roses, why not go to Ecuador to see some of the world’s most beautiful roses? At […]

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Make your own travel resolution list today

Travel Resolutions for 2016

New Year’s resolutions are usually hard to keep. They frequently involve exercise, weight loss, stopping smoking or drinking or even changing a relationship or a job. Consider making some travel resolutions – some take no effort to carry through and the others will make you a successful traveler.

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How To Select The Right Travel Insurance Plan For You

How do you know which travel insurance plans suits your needs.  No two trips or people are exactly alike, needs and concerns vary from person to person and trip to trip.  You might be concerned about a family member becoming ill and causing you to cancel your long awaited trip.  Another person might be concerned […]

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You Need Travel Insurance for Your Next Ski Trip

  You’re planning a ski trip. You’ve bought equipment and made deposits for travel and accommodations. You may even have prepaid your lift tickets. You’ve got everything covered, right? Wrong. Things can go wrong both before and during your vacation. Travel insurance allows you to focus on the fun, not on the what ifs. Your […]

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staying healthy on a plane

Staying Healthy on a Plane

How many times have you gotten on a plane, settled into you seat only to see the person next to you coughing, sneezing and generally infecting the entire plane? Fall doesn’t just bring falling leaves, Halloween and Thanksgiving – it brings flu and cold season. Do what you can to protect yourself when traveling. First, […]

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Dealing with Lost Luggage

If it hasn’t happened to you, you’ve seen it happen to someone else. After a long (or even not so long) trip, you wait at the baggage carousel. Bag after bag circles past you. You ask the person next to you what flight he was on. Everyone is picking up bags – yours doesn’t come. […]

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Thanksgiving Travel Tips

If you’re one of the 25.3 million people expected to fly during the Thanksgiving travel period, there are a few things you can do to make your trip back to see the family more enjoyable. Buy travel insurance. If you haven’t purchased it yet, it’s not too late. You can buy a policy up until […]

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